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Businesses that moves fast in Nigeria

Top 7 Businesses that moves fast in Nigeria

Businesses that moves fast in nigeria. Let’s be frank. I’m a Nigerian and you’re one too, you know the hustle and bustle of looking for jobs in Nigeria.

If you keep on depending or waiting for the government to provide jobs for you, then you’ll wait hopelessly for nothing.

Well If you’re reading this article right now, I guess you’re craving to find out how to start a profitable business in Nigeria and how to make tons of money from it.

If you’re looking to start a business in Nigeria that’ll thrive and bring you an unlimited amount of income? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article I’m gonna be sharing with you 7 Profitable Business Ideas in Nigeria that moves fast, that’ll make you lots of money and ultimately catapult you to riches if done properly.

Let’s get started… A popular Facebook Figure Popularly known as Correct Bro made a poll on Facebook on business ideas one can start-up and make tons of money.

I was happy to see the response Nigerians gave, they happily and willingly shared some business ideas that moves fast and has been working for them over the years.
And I thought why not make a compilation of the top 7 to reach a larger audience? And I did so sit back and enjoy this blog post.

Top Businesses That Moves Fast In Nigeria

1 Automobile Diagnostic Scanning:

Now this business idea, I so much loved it I had to make it the top on my list.

You’ve noticed or maybe heard of horror stories about cars developing more faults after been taken to the mechanic.

Instead of the mechanic detecting the fault and fixing it, out of wrong diagnosis they tend to operate on an entirely different area of the car.

As a result, car develops even more fault because it has been wrongly operated on and it makes the car owner angry and the mechanic confused.

This is were you come in…
You could start up your own automobile diagnostic business, that helps people scan their cars and detect the faults in them.
Pretty amazing right?

Your auto-diagnostic scanner not only helps to scan people’s cars and detect faults in them, it also helps to provide possible suggestion on how to go about fixing the problem.
This idea just got me “wowed”.

Guess what, you can start-up this business with as little as 60k and just think about the countless amount of car owners who would troop into your shop to get their car’s diagnosis.

Ultimately, you could even work in partnership with a mechanic to facilitate his work and It’ll be a win win for you. You can get this scanner imported from China for more details on how to import it from China check out our website

2 Selling Recyclable Metal Scraps (Popular Knows As Iron Condemn):

Now this, this business idea hit me real hard. I got literally blown away.
I was and I’m still amazed after hearing what this funny but lucrative business idea entails.

Funny as it sounds selling recyclable metal scraps normally ridiculed as ” Iron Condemn” is a goldmine waiting to be exploited.
Who would’ve thought that one could earn up to a whooping sum of two hundred thousand naira (200k) from selling metal scraps.

I wasn’t able to get into the nitty-gritty of how this works but from what I was able to curate;
You can buy metal scraps from electronics and automobile mechanics. Items like; condemned motor batteries and a lots of other metal scraps.

And resell them at a higher and whooping price.
Sounds promising right? I bet it does.
It is a very lucrative and profitable business idea that’ll change Nigeria in years to come.

3 Mini Importation Business:

Number three on my list is mini importation.

Yes you got that right mini importation.
This is a subject that has been trending on social media for quite sometime now.

Unfortunately most people who get this information, never make good use of it. While others seize this opportunity and rake in thousands of naira monthly into their wallets and bank accounts.

With less than #50,000 you can start a mini importation business and import goods at cheaper and affordable prices from highly industrialized countries like China and sell them here in Nigeria.
The advantage of mini importation is that you have an endless variety of goods and products to choose from.

From importing of clothing, bags, shoes, electronic devices like memory cards and computer mouses.
The list just goes on.

With leading online shopping platforms like eBay, Alibaba, Aliexpress and the likes, you can easily import goods and get them shipped to you in Nigeria for free.
You are at liberty to communicate with the distributors to make special discounts or make specific specifications.
For more info on how to go about mini importation visit;

4 Phones, Laptops & Accessories Repair:

This isn’t just your normal approach of having a road side shop where you sit all day and wait for the Heavens to being you customers.

Here’s how it’s done; you can invest a not so large amount of money in buying phones or laptops with little faults.

Get those faults fixed, upgrade those phones and laptops and sell then sell them at a very considerate price.
This would fetch you a reasonable amount of money and of course if you do your calculations properly.

5 Selling Poultry By-Products (Eggs):

Food is something that is constantly under consumption. Everyday, every hour and every minute all over the globe food is being utilized.

One of these consumable products that stands out is egg. Egg production is a very lucrative business because eggs are constantly in demand.

They’re used for protein supplements, used in bakeries, confectioneries you name it. You can easily set up your poultry business by buying layers (layers who just started egg production for about 1-2 weeks).

Get 60-70 layers, breed them in a conducive and healthy environment of course with the necessary nutrients needed for egg production.

These large number of birds can produce 2-3 crates of eggs daily and about 14-21crates of eggs per week.
Astonishing right? This can fetch you 13-16k Naira weekly.

That’s approximately 50-60 thousand naira per month.
As an addition, you could also sell layers who are old and have stopped producing eggs and replace them with young and energetic ones.
Thus keeping the business active and productivity all the time.

This business idea is a profitable business idea you really should look into.

6 Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services:

If you set up a dry cleaning and laundry business and you target the right type of audience.
You’ll make lots of profits.
There are lots of busy professionals, business men and women out there who have so much engagements and use of their time that they don’t have time for manual laundry and dry cleaning.

It’s is a good way for you to pitch them and win over paying customers to your business.
One great way to make this work is my including pick up and delivery services this would win them over because they get everything at their desire and comfort.

Get yourself a fairly used washing machine, an Iron, Ironing board and get started. The more income you generate, you expand your horizon get new appliances and even staffs.
Throw in some white hat publicity stunts like; Printing of complimentary cards and fliers then distribute to as many people as possible.

It’s a cool way and profitable business Idea you don’t wanna miss.

7 Selling Clothing Materials:

The final business idea on my list is starting a profitable clothing material business.

You can start selling high quality clothing materials for as little as 60k and watch it grow to over 300k Naira.

With the current ban on importation of clothing materials, this is a very lucrative business idea you may want to look into.

There’s no doubt that Nigerians produce high quality materials most especially in industrialized cities like Onitsha.

All you need to do, is to find a reliable source of quality materials.
I repeat quality materials that are affordable and rare.
This would be a unique selling point for you and a good way to gain credibility in your local market and gain tons of customers.
Start a clothing material business today, it’s highly profitable and lucrative.

Conclusion:business that moves fast in nigeria

Don’t stay idle and waste all your youthful and productive years just because you couldn’t get a decent job.

You can always create jobs for yourself. Entrepreneurship, hardwork and innovation is the key to wealth and success.

Just identify a problem and proffer a solution as long as you play your cards right things would work our for you.

Like the saying goes “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”. It’s all about the process it takes to acheive your desired end.

I hope these 7 Promising Business Ideas would give you an insight into starting a business of your own.

Thanks for reading this article, if you liked it please share it with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

We’ll respond to you.

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