Create an Online Store without a website using Sellwhatever

Are you searching for How to Create an online store without a website? probably because you don’t know how to create your own store from scratch or you don’t have the resources and capital required to Set up an online store but you want to sll online because you have some good products.? I have some good news for you.

Few Days ago i was searching for a reliable method through which i can save myself the cost and stress of setting up an online which i may not have good time to manage. I was only looking for any good third party services that can help me host my store either free or affordable charges.

And so glad i found a good and reliable one which i love so much and i have decided to share with you today just in case you’re also searching for How to Create an online store without a website. But before then, why would you want to set up an online store without having your personal website?

Advantages of running an online store without a website

Below are some of the reasons I’ve wanted to manage my own store without having a website/blog.

No Yearly Hosting and domain Fee

If i host my store with some third party services, they have their domain name and hosting which they will be paying for yearly/monthly and as such i won’t be bordered about that. (maybe i might only be charged little maintenance fee).

No Technical Know How:

There are many bloggers who can setup ordinary blog sites but can’t create online stores due to the fact that creating an online store is a bit complicated.

When you host your site with some third party services, you won’t border about creating your store from scratch as everything would have been done from their end. With just few clicks, your store is readily available.

Disadvantages of running an online store without a Website

Below are some of the things you must consider while hosting your store with third parties.

You have no Control

One thing you must know is that your files aren’t in your control since the data base is handled by your host.

Any downtime from your Host will definitely affect your business. Because when your host shutdown, your data will no longer be accessible.

Your Business is at Risk

Your Host will always handle your funds before paying out. And on the long run, if anything happens to your host and they fail to payout or turn scam, Then your business goes down or become stagnant.

Beside that, If your payout is delayed by your host, it might also affect your business since you may need your capital for other necessities which enhances the business growth.

To regulate this issue, You only need a better and trustworthy host that can rightly handle your Store and your business. and below is one.

How to Create an online store without a website

There are many platforms or Hosts through which you can Create an online store without a website but sellwhatever is a great one. You will find it helpful.

Sellwhatever.Com is an online Store builder which allows you to host and manage your own online store without having your personal website.

Are you into Dropshipping but no longer what to face the cost of running your own website? or Did you want to start dropshipping Business without a website? then you can pay as a little monthly fee of $3.50 and get a better and already made store where you can just upload and sell your product then get paid without hassle.

If you do mini Importation Business, you can also make an online store using sellwhatever Store maker in setting up your online store.

You wanna See how great your store will look? You can check out the Demo Here.

Features of your Sellwhatever Store

Below are some of the very few features of your online store when using Sellwhatever.

  • Unique URL: As soon as your store is ready, you will have your own unique store URL through which clients can use in accessing your store.That means, your own personal store front will be available where your uploaded products will be displayed.

  • SEO advantage: Your products can be optimized to be crawled and indexed by Google. When properly done, you will gain Lot’s of traffic from search engines even without further promotion.The store has gained authority and as such , every little optimization can be very effective.

  • Controllable Settings: You can setup your store search filter, so that people who uses the search bar can easily find your store and your products.You can as well Modify your store look, and setup holiday Notifications to alert your clients about ongoing or upcoming holidays which might cause delay in delivery.

    You can also setup email notifications to get email alert when you get new orders.

  • Mobile Ready: You don’t need to border yourself about adding some CSS styles to make your store mobile friendly as that has been fixed from blacken already.As soon as you create your store, it’s mobile ready and SEO friendly.

    These are just few advantages you gain when using Sellwhatever in as your store host. You can check out full benefits here


To get started, You can register your store using the sellwhatever store making URL (Sellwhatever.Com ).

It’s easy and straight forward.

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