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Best Paid and Free Advertising Platforms in Nigeria

Best Paid and Free Advertising Platforms in Nigeria

As soon as you setup your business in Nigeria, the next thing is creating awareness to get more clients, customers and your targeted audience to know about the newly setup business, knowingly well that without your potential customers your business lies useless wither online or offline.

There are many online advertising platforms in Nigeria but in this article, am gonna list out some top and best online advertising platforms in nigeria to get your business noticed easily spending very little or nothing.

As said above, There are free advertising sites in Nigeria just like we have the paid once. Before i get started listing the paid once, let me show you some websites to post advertisement online for free. You will also find them helpful

Top Nigeria Websites to post advertisement online for free

When you have very little or no capital to advertise your business, you should be looking forward to exploring some free websites which allows you to reach out to your audience without payment. There are many websites to post advertisement online for free but below are the top on the list.

NobeDad Platform: Free Advertisements

Nobedad is an online blogging platform which allows writers to create articles and share with the world for free. With Nobedad which have thousands of daily visitors, you can Create your own posts based on any category e g Blogging, Make money online, Business, Political, Health, education etc

Every post you create on Nobedad is managed by you the author. They allow you to manage your own dashboard for free where you make your contents to reach your targeted audience. With this, you can as well post your advertisements without payment.

Are you searching for the best online advertising platforms in nigeria ? You can kick off with Nobedad here. They also have paid advertisement just in case you want the paid one.

Nairaland Forum Free Advertising platform:

Your classified ads can be shown here without payment but many marketers don’t really know the power of nairaland over their businesses.

Nairaland is the number one Nigeria online forum with various types of audience that best fit your business. There’s always room to advertise with your money and get good conversion since they have large numbers of audience, but when the money is not there, you will have to strategically explore the category that best fit your business to reach your Audience.

Nairaland Forum allows every registered user to post for free. With this opportunity, you can post your advertisements based on the category that best fit your business. E.g Politics, business, Webmaster, News etc. For every post you make on Nairaland there are always viewers. Check out Nairaland Forum here

BestNaija Forum:

This is another Big Nigeria forum website were you can post your advertisements for free. Just like Nairaland Forum allows you to register and post based on any category, so also does Bestnaija forum allows every registered users to post.

What did you want to advertise? You can check out Register an account and share your promotional posts without cost.

The good news is that this website is also ranking very high on Google just like Nairaland Forum. That means posts you make here will also get visitors from search engines..

247 livemarket

What did you have for sale? PC, Phones, or other accessories you can sell them from 247Livemarket.

This website is made to connect Buyers with sellers around Nigeria. You can check out here

All of the above websites can feature your advertisements for free. Having seen the above, let’s further to advertising websites which might require payment to reach more Audience in Nigeria.

Best Online advertising platforms in Nigeria

Just like We have many places/websites where you can advertise in Nigeria for free, so also there are many paid advertising platforms to easily get your business noticed by the world at large. Below are some of the places you can run adverts to reach your targeted audience in Nigeria.

Google AdWords:

Google as one of the biggest search engine allows you to advertise your products and services at very cheap rate in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

With AdWords, You can target any location (country) and you can also narrow your targeting. That means in nigeria you can Target states and regions via google map by AdWords.

Without doubt, AdWords is the best world advertisement platform which cost you less with high conversion. With Google AdWords, You specify the keywords you want to target and your ads will be displayed on all necessary Google products such as YouTube, Google, etc. You can check out AdWords here

Facebook Ads:

Facebook as the biggest social media offers its users advertisement space at low rate. With Facebook adverts, you can target any location and regions worldwide.

Did you know that currently there’s no advertising platform cheaper than Facebook? With just little capital you can reach large numbers of Audience. From your Facebook account, Explore the ads manager option to get started.

Facebook have various payment options depending on the ads types you choose. Your ads type will determine the cost for advertisement. We have the Call to Action ads, Pay per click, Pay per conversion etc.

Apart from the above, there are other Local advertising platforms you may also want to learn about. These ads platforms gives you the opportunity to advertise your business and pay locally while you get Pay per click conversions. You Can check out here

One of the Greatest Challenge when advertising online in some of the listed platforms is the inability to make payment due to currency differences. If your credit or debit card can’t be accepted, you can go ahead to explore the local ads sites above. With that you can advertise while you make your payment in local currency.

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