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How to get more paid Guest posting Opportunities for your blog

As a niche blogger proposal, each time you’re set to grow your blog and get it noticed by the world, you will always search “How to make money from blogging” since that’s the sole aim of every blogger.

Am sure you should have noticed that each time you search how to make money from blogging there’s always guest posting on the list and you’re like how can i get guest posting opportunities for my blog? Hmm that’s a nice question which am gonna explain in details via this article how to get guest posts for your blog

By the end of this post, you will learn everything about paid guest posting on your blog and how to get more guest posting opportunities which equally means “more money”. but before then let me explain the meaning of guest posting.

What is Guest Posting In blogging?

This is the process whereby guest and visitors comes to feature posts on your blog. Just like you can see, Almost all the articles on this blog are done by me because it’s not a multi purpose author blog. The few posts done by others who aren’t authors/contributors to this blog are made by guests and such posts are what we call Guest Posts.

In more simple understanding: When others who aren’t part of your blog comes to feature posts maybe for promotional reasons then we say it’s guest Post. A guest post can be free or paid:

Free Guest Post:

This is the type of posts guests may likely use in contributing to your blog. Maybe they love what you do and they love to be part, perhaps to create awareness about themselves, they can just make a pitch to write for your blog , and when you accept their offers, they submit their posts to you and you publish them for free.

Paid Guest posts:

While the free guest post might not contain any promotional link from the writers, the paid guest posts might be used for the sole aim of brand promotion. They only feature the post on your blog to create awareness about their brands/products and as such they will always pay for it. One Example of a paid guest post on this blog is Babylon Traffic Review

In other terms, Guest posts that are been paid for are also known as sponsored posts.

How to make money with sponsored posts from your blog

Having learnt all of the above, the question is “How then can you make money from paid sponsored posts” from your blog

Before i go into discussion, Did you know that over 75% of bloggers who get AdSense bann equally quite blogging on the spot? That’s because they depend on Google AdSense as their only or major income source so when the suspension from AdSense comes all hope are gone.

I don’t usually advice bloggers who want to make blogging as a business to depend on any ads as major income source instead as addition income source while you grow your blog to earn from sponsored reviews and others. with this even when anything happens in the future you won’t be affected to the teeth. Below are some of the guides to triggar more paid guest posting opportunities from your blog.

  • Niche Blog Gain More opportunity:

    There’s no doubt that Niche blogs have more guest posting opportunities since they focus their writing on a specific topic.

    Let’s say i blog about apps that makes money only as my niche and you blog about money making in general. Did you know i will get more Paid guest posting opportunities from app owners compared to someone who do large niche? That’s because the brands understand very well the power of targeted audience.

    They assume everyone visiting my blog are app lovers , And Internet users who want to make money with apps. therefore they will conclude that sponsoring their earning apps on my blog will convert more than when they go for other blogs.

    If you want to grow a blog that will attract more paid sponsored posts, Remember the power of Niche.

  • Your Blog is your business:

    As soon as you launch your blog, start with the aim of growing it very large and mighty as this will give you more strength to successful labour.

    If only you can think your blog as a business you won’t be updating your blog once in a month. that’s because you will always want to keep the store open for new customers if its a physical business. Treat your blog like a real business this will earn you more money not just from sponsored articles but every other areas of blogging.

    When you treat your blog like a business, you will invest to grow it and make it known thereby reaching more of your targeted customers.

    Before anyone comes to sponsore posts on your blog, they will watch your consistency (is this guys still posting? , When last did he make a new post, What are the datw distance from each post, ? ) all these are some of the factors they will consider because no one would like to pay to sponsor posts on dead blogs where there are millions of similar active blogs online.

  • Grow your Blog audience

    A blog that get sponsored posts is a blog that has grown its audience. Before they come for your blog to sponsored posts that indicates there’s something unique about your blog.

    Make your blog stand out from others in your Niche as this will keep your audience coming back. That’s the best way to grow your audience (giving them what they want at the point of need).

    Write unique and problem solving articles in your Niche, be consistent, Let your articles be original in your own tone, Build email list subscribers and keep your audience updated.

    As soon as your audience grows, you will see various brands coming for you.

  • In General: Tips

    Good designs are essential. No one would want to get glasses all because they want to read from blog with too many blinking colours instead they will look for alternatives.

    No one would want to sponsor posts on Irritating blog designs. Keep your blog design simple and easy to navigate. Not with too many sparkling colours.

    Let your blog design attract your audience to read more of your posts instead of chasing them away.

    When i say Grow your blog it sounds very easy but it’s harder than it sound. This entails, Learning SEO which is the ability for your blog posts to who up on search engines like Google, Learn more about Link Building, Regularly updating your blog, Content marketing strategies etc.

    A grown blog isn’t the product of one day Job instead it’s the combination of repeated labour.

    Nothing Good comes easy. Work, Work, Keep working you will surely grow your blog to this stage.

    One factor that advertisers use usually consider before deciding to go with your blog is a your ALEXA RANKING “ and the only or best way to get your Alexa attractive is getting more traffic to your website and getting more traffic entails the whole practices which i have mentioned above.

Conclusion: how to get guest posts for your blog

If you’re searching for how to get guest posts for your blog” The question is “Have you grown your blog? You cannot get sponsored post if you haven’t grown your blog.

This is one reason you need to put more effort in growing your blog to reach more audience.

You don’t need to have a second taught like ” What if i grow my blog and advertisers didn’t come?”

In blogging there’s no way you grow a blog without getting advertisers. it’s something fixed and static so you need to fear about that. If only you can work it out there are millions of readers online looking for the perfect place to sponsor their business to create awareness.

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