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Make Money Through Online Surveys In Nigeria

How To Make Money Through Online Surveys In Nigeria

Has anyone introduced you to a money making method using online survey websites/apps and you’re still wondering how to make money through online surveys in nigeria? In this article, i will be sharing some hints on how to earn from online survey in Nigeria.

The internet today is filled with Bunch of online businesses and while some are real and legit, others are fake and scam. However, if you can find and research the legit ones you will always make decent income in your free time using your mobile phone or PC.

When it comes to making money from online survey in Nigeria, the greatest Challenge has always been that fact that most survey websites don’t accept Nigerians. Automatically, it makes it impossible for us to work and earn via such platforms unless with the aid of VPN which might not be legal.

Before i continue with this article suggesting some sources where you can get started with online surveys that pays, let’s see what you do to earn from survey if you’re among those searching for how to make money through online surveys in nigeria.

Survey Activities that Pays

There are many activities you do to make money from Survey websites but below are the most common things you may likely come across from any survey website/app.

Watching Videos:

There are many videos that has been created and the owners are looking for ways to promote their videos so here’s what they do.

They visit any survey website of their choice where they can promote their videos and pay them based on the fixed prices by the survey companies. Now the Survey company will start promoting the videos by making you watch them while you earn some commission from what the advertiser has paid.

You can make money online watching videos from survey websites/apps. Though most of the Survey sites don’t allow videos but many does.

Data Collection

After setting up his business, he’s looking for peoples opinions to see what have for the business knowing well that the public opinion is very relevant. How can he possibly get peoples opinion without going to the radio/media house so he taught of using survey companies.

He paid them go get peoples opinion and the survey companies pay you commissions based on what the advertisers has paid to collect your opinion. Automatically, you’re getting paid for sharing your own view regarding one mans business.

When you see people write online “share your opinion and get paid” It means talking surveys. You give them answers to the questions they ask and you get paid for it.

Downloading and installing Apps

One of the challenges you face as a developer after creating an app is getting people to download the app.

Some survey websites do accept app installs and downloads. What many developers does is go to them and pay some amount of money to advertise their apps. While you download and install the apps you also earn part of what the advertisers has paid.

Other activities you may likely come across from any survey company are: Playing of games, Shopping online, Buying with coupons, Solving Captcha Challenges and many more.

How to make money through online surveys in nigeria

To make money from online surveys below are the things you need to do.

Check The payment method:

Before you register on any survey website, the first thing you should care for is the payment method. Most at times, the payment methods might not be suitable for Nigerians and as such your work might be in vain even after working for them since you won’t be able to cashout your money.

Payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer etc can easily be considered since you can Get any of those accounts with ease. Even the PayPal that’s supposed to be challenge has now been solved at PayPal Nigeria.

If you check their payment methods are non is suitable for you then you can look forward to using other survey companies that pays since we have many of them online.

Check on Your email Regularly:

Most of the survey companies do send daily tasks via email messages and if you aren’t able to complete them that same day you may not be able to earn the attached commission even when you do it the next day.

Because of this, you may need to keep a close eye on your email so you can get updates regarding any new and available tasks. If possible download gmail app and turn on your notification, with this you won’t miss any message coming in since you will be notified.

Join Multiple Survey sites

Possibly, you can create a separate email for your survey works so you won’t spoil your main email with some irrelevant messages.

When you join multiple survey websites, you will have plenty tasks to earn in a short while unlike when you join only one where you might end up with waiting for surveys to come and earning goes very slow.

You won’t get tasks even when you’re ready to do them. But with multiple surveys you will get plenty of daily tasks.

Download VPN App

Most of these survey websites don’t accept Nigerians like we have stated earlier and the best way to access such is using VPN. you can just turn on your app to any location and that’s all.

Just search and download any VPN app from Google playstore. And mind you, not all survey websites works with VPN. some may detect you’re Browsing from proxy. However, the use of VPN has always been the best way to mask locations when dealing with such programs.

Conclusion: How To Make Money Through Online Surveys In Nigeria

There are many survey websites you can work with online with the above tips. some are paid surveys while others are free. Check out below link

Remember the use of VPN on survey sites that have restricted Nigeria IP. and also since most of the survey sites requires PayPal accounts, you can get one here

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