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List Of Best Hook Up Apps in Nigeria

List Of Best Hook Up Apps in Nigeria

Talking about the Best Hook up Apps In Nigeria. Someone once asked me if I knew any hookup or dating app in Nigeria and I wondered.

Do those things really exists?
I had to go and research and scout for the best hook up apps in Nigeria.
So whether you’re looking to get into a serious relationship, build connections or just a Hookup.

This is a list of the best hookup apps in Nigeria.

Badoo Hookup Apps in Nigeria

Badoo is one of the most popular hookup apps in Nigeria. When you hear Hookup App the first thing that comes to mind is ‘Badoo’. With over 314 millions users, Nigerians are active members of this community.

Tens of thousand Badoo users are Nigerians which cut across various states in the country.

Badoo App allows you connect with people, who live and work near you by tracking your location. You can find people interested in hookups, dating or just chatting based on different queries such as age, gender and location.

What Do Nigerians Love About Badoo?

  • The App Has An ‘Encounter’ Feature: This encounter feature is one of the most loved feature of Badoo.
    This feature let’s you scan or swipe through series of images of users in order to find a match.While scanning or swiping through the images of users, you’re allowed to either choose yes or no. This allows you to find users who you might be interested in and is interested in you.If there’s a mutual yes between two people interested in each other, Badoo App automatically sends both users notification.Their journey begins from there, either for dating, hookup or just communication.
  • It’s Let’s You Connect With Like Minded People: From the initial registration, Badoo allows you indicate your purpose for joining.Whether you’re interested in dating, hookups or just mutual communication, this feature allows you to connect only with like minded individuals.
  • It Connects You With People Around You Or Near By: Like I earlier mentioned, Badoo app operates on location based tracking.Which means they keep track of your location as well as other users in order to provide the best match that’s closest to you.
  • It Works On Both Android, IOS And Windows Devices: One of the advantage Badoo has over other dating apps in Nigeria is that Badoo allows users from different platforms.Whether you’re an Android, IOS, or Windows users you can find the Badoo App in your device’s respective stores.
  • Badoo Hookup App Has A Friendly Interface: Nothing beats quality design and good user experience when it comes to using any mobile application.Badoo has a mobile friendly interface that makes using it a whole lot easier to understand and navigate through. As an added bonus, it comes with a unique video chat function made specially for you.

Pro Tip:
After downloading and installing the app, you may want to keep your GPS on.
So you won’t miss that lucky guy or girl who’s looking to find you.

Tinder Hookup App:

Tinder is one of the most popular hookup apps in Nigeria, With users all over the world, the tinder app has a vast growing user base.

Just like the Badoo Hookup App, Tinder also uses location based tracking to give you the best match closest to you. It is simply, easy to use and very efficient in finding dates at your comfort and style.

Over the years there has been an increasing trend in the users of this app in Nigeria. The Tinder Hookup App is believed to be dominating major cities in Nigeria like Abuja and Lagos.

Why Do Nigerians Love Tinder?

  • It is much more simpler then the Badoo App:

    The Tinder Hookup App has a more simpler user interface and can be easily understood.

    Instead of all the special features here and there, Tinder App chooses to keep things simple for it’s users.

  • It Matches You Relevant Dates For Hookup: The Tinder Hookup App uses the location based tracking to give you the best results of potential dates around you.The Tinder App displays a list of relevant dates based on your search query and filters. Allowing you to swipe right or left to get a suitable date of your choice.When a match is made, Tinder notifies you can you can’t start sending messages to your match mate.
  • Tinder Hookup App Allows Very Defined Searches: Unlike the Badoo App, the Tinder App gives you more room and freedom to get more details into your search query.With special filters you can search for details such as height, complexion and lots more.This makes it a whole lot easier to find the perfect match for you based on the very defined search filters.
  • It Is Available On Android And IOS Devices: Yeah! Badoo App and Tinder App both share this feature.
    They allow you to download, install and use their apps on various devices.
    So whether you’re an IPhone user or a regular Android user, rest assured that the Tinder App got you covered.

Pro Tip:
If you’re looking for a simpler hookup app with very defined search filters, Tinder App is your best bet.

Facebook Hookup Groups & Pages:
Wait, What! Facebook hookup groups & pages? Do those things even exist?

As surprising as it sounds Facebook is the third most popular application used for hookups and meet ups. I don’t need to rant much, just do a simple search on Facebook for Hookup Groups and Pages or dating groups.

You’ll be amazed to find lots of groups and Pages dedicated for hookups and meets ups. While some groups are private, others are public.

All the same you’ll be accepted into any group you choose to join. There you’ll meet with lots and thousands of Nigerian single guys and ladies. These Facebook groups and pages are populated with a vast number of members from the least being 2000 members to a whopping 100,000+ member group or page likes.

Why Do Nigerians Love Facebook Hookup Groups & Pages?

  • Facebook has large active user base:
    With every passing day, more and more Nigerians join Facebook and eventually engage in these groups and pages actively.So you don’t have to worry about not finding a date or hookup. With thousands and thousands of active users in these Facebook group and pages you’re certainly assured of finding the right date.
  • You’ll have liberty to find out more about your match or date:
    Thanks for Facebook messaging, video call features, profile pictures and a whole lots more, you’ll get the liberty to know more about your possible date.The Facebook Chat feature let’s you connect with your match, find out more details and decide if he or she is the right fit for you.
  • It Works On All Devices:
    Facebook App works pretty much on every mobile device. From Andriod to Windows and IOS Devices rest assured Facebook got you covered.

Pro Tip:

Facebook allows you to connect with people close to you and build personal relationships.

Leverage this opportunity.

Friendite Hookup App:

The Friendite Hookup App is also a well known dating, hookup and meet up mobile app only available for Andriod users.

A large majority of it’s users are Nigerians that cut across various states in the country. Friendite is popular in Nigeria and in other parts of Africa, as it helps to provide efficient dating sevices.

Why Do Nigerians Love Friendite?

  • You Get To Meet Real & Verified Dates or Hookups: With Friendite Hookup App, the processes involved in setting up and completing your profile helps to minimize the chances of falling into scammers.As each application is manually reviewed for 24 hours before being approved.
  • Connects You To Your Desired Dates: The Friendite Hookup App is very simple and easy to use.This let’s you connect with the right persons for either dates, hookups or meet ups.

Pro Tip:
If you want an authentic place to find Nigerians interested in dates, hookups and meet ups, Friendite is your best bet.

Zoosk HookUp App:

With over 26 million users, Zoosk Hookup App is a leading dating and hook up app that has been a trail blazer worldwide.

Zoosk Hook Up
comes with lots and lots of special features that makes searching for an ideal mate super fun and easy.

Although Tinder, Facebook & Badoo are the most popular dating and hookup apps in Nigeria but statistics say the user base of Zoosk users in Nigeria would see a rapid growth burst.

What Do Nigerians Love About Zoosk?

  • It Has A Special Behavior Matching Feature: This special feature uses a smart algorithm that automatically matches users based on their behavioural patterns.
  • It Has A Photo Verification System: The photo verification system helps to check the use of flattering light in user’s photos.
  • It Is Available On Android, IOS & Window Devices: You can download, install and use their Zoosk App on your various devices.So whether you’re an IPhone user or a regular Android user, rest assured that the Zoosk App got you covered.

Other Dating And Hookup Apps Are:

Instamessage Hookup App
Happn Dating App
MyLove App
Pure App

Conclusion: Best Hook Up apps in Nigeria

So wether you’re looking for a date, a hookup or maybe a true relationship these are great ways to connect with people and be off to a great start.
However caution should be taking since majority of these platforms are being flooded with scammers.

So as not to fall into the hands of the wrong persons. Thanks for reading, If you lived it please share or leave a comment below I’ll be sure to answer it.

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