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Best Online Earning Opportunities in Bangladesh 2019

Are you searching online earning opportunities in bangladesh perhaps to make money from home, At school or while doing other jobs? then this article will help.

There are many make money online businesses you can do to as an extra income source in BD among them we have the scam ones while many are legitimate and real. As a students or working class, you may want to add other income sources maybe to earn you money even while you’re away and off work.

Most of this make money online websites that pays without investment in Bangladesh might not pay directly to your local banks instead you can receive your earning via Paypal, Payoneer and other payment methods. If you must work online with these programs you need to have a PayPal or payoneer account to receive your payment.

You can signup for Payoneer Here and for Paypal here

Best online earning opportunities in bangladesh

Below are some of the top online earning opportunities in bangladesh. anyone can do them even with your android mobile phones.

Online Survey In Bangladesh

There are many companies who are willing to pay you for just Sharing your opinion. You can make money from them daily all for free.

All you need is give them required information that best match the answers or any survey you’re gonna get. There are many working survey websites online a good example where you can get started with is

There’s no Requirements than your suitable payment methods and your registration details. All survey will be available in your dashboard daily.

Freelancing works in Bangladesh:

another part time jobs you can do as a students or working class in bangladesh is freelancing. This may not stop you from doing other jobs even though it earn large sum of money.

Freelancing simply means doing what you know, Services and skills you’re good at online in exchange for money. If you have checked Freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork you will see many freelancers and what they can do:

Freelancing requires you to have a skill worth paying for e.g Graphics designs, Logo making, Video editing, Blogging, Writing, SEO, Content marking, Link building etc. The question is what can you do which others are willing to pay for?

You can register on Freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork to start marketing your skills. You can learn SEO in bangladesh

Captcha Entry Jobs

: You don’t need to spend in order to start this online job. Students and working classes in bangladesh (BD) Does this job for money.

Captcha Entry jobs allows you to solve Captcha problems online while you earn. There are many Captcha Entry websites to get started with this online job. You can check out the top ones here

YouTuber in Bangladesh:

This is another online earning opportunities in bangladesh where you can make money from your YouTube channel.

YouTube been the largest video streaming site in the world also allows you to earn revenue via Google AdSense ads network

YouTube requires some skills like Video making and video editing with this you can make your own videos and earn money while people stream your videos. You can check out here on 8 ways monetize your YouTube channel.

Blogging in bangladesh:

This is one of the best online earning opportunities in bangladesh as the earning potential is very broad and unlimited. In blogging there’s no limit to how much you can make. the amount you earn from blogging depends on your effort and works on your blog.

Just incase you don’t know: A blogger is someone who owns a blog. he writes for others to read e.g this blog you’re reading from. But the question is how then can you earn money from blogging while you also write for others to read online. you might be wandering about this question if you’re a newbie.

As a blogger, there are many ways to make money, e.g rendering services based on your niche, Selling your own products(information marketing), Selling other peoples products(affiliate marketing), Pay per click Ads like Google AdSense, Paid Sponsored posts which i wrote about here and many more.

Language Translation for money:

Have you learn various languages? did you know you can make money online translating languages and completing simple tasks? Yes you can earn online in bangladesh with sites like which allows you to translate for cash.

With this website you get paid With Paypal payment method. and you can be making pretty income especially when you’re good at many languages. You can create a working PayPal account in Bangladesh to receive your payment if you don’t have one.

Here’s the concept behind the website: While customers goes there to too for translators, professionals goes there to make money rendering services to the customers.

Make money with Web Design

Yes doing Web design online for money is also a branch of Freelancing but you can make it more professional to earn more money by setting of a website for your services or creating social media pages for your web design skills.

From your website of social profiles you will have your portfolios of what you can do and some of your recent jobs. Did you know that many companies and brands are looking for web designers just to get their businesses online? You can equally tap from this.

You may need to spend money in promoting your services pages perhaps to reach more targeted audience who are willing and eager to pay for your job. All you need is Web Design skills.

Conclusion: how to earn money online in bangladesh without investment

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