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Mini importation Business Challanges and Solutions

2000 Mini importation Business Challanges and Solutions

Did you want to start profitable importation business in nigeria with little capital but don’t know how to get started? Did you want to start making money online and offline buying goods from China and selling at cool rate here in Nigeria while you make good profit? clicking on my headline to read this article simply means you’re searching for a reasonable answer your importation findings.

But before i get started to show you what you need to know, let me briefly explain the words “Mini Importation Business”. to your understanding.

What is Mini Importation Business?

Mini Importation business simply means buying from other international countries where you can get goods very cheap and reselling them here in Nigeria.

If there’s any business that pays online then it should be mini importation. This is because you will be able to make big profit with little investment (capital)

Do you know that most of the goods you buy at high price here Nigeria like The PC, Desktop, Mobile phones, Car parts,Wears,Jewelry are very cheap in China?.

Many people has categorized this mini importation business to be very difficult thinking it’s a very big deal buying from China and getting then here in Nigeria. But i must tell you it’s just as simple as buying from any local online store.

Top Challenges of mini importation business in Nigeria

As soon as you’re set to get started with profitable importation business in nigeria, there are certain things that always come your mind and these are the major challenges and reasons why many newbies seize to consider the advantages of mini importation. Below are the challenges and solutions.

What to buy:

Having money to buy may not be the problem, but even when you have your money, you will still be like “What will i buy” knowing well that buying the wrong product will never earn you profit as desired.

You cannot just start importation business buying anything that comes your way. You should be sourcing for cheap and high profile merging products. You will be able to buy such products with little capital and earn huge profit.

I will show you how to go about product sourcing (getting the right product to sell at the right time) Keep reading.

Where to buy from:

Even after knowing the right product to buy, getting it from the right store (Cheap and affordable still becomes an issue since various stores with differ prices).

There are many international websites to purchase goods but not all will favour you as a mini importer. You’re a business man and as such you’re always looking forward to buying the best products at the best price so you can earn good profit.

Did you know that goods from Alibaba, Aliexpress and others are very costly? Compared to some other Chinese online stores? I will show you where and how.

Shipping to Nigeria:

Another question newbies won’t stop asking about mini importation is “How to ship goods to nigeria from China”.

This aspect is where many people failed. Some go to the extent of spending all the profit they are supposed to earn all in the name of shipping and at the end l, they will be left with little or nothing.

You don’t even need to border yourself above the shipping because it’s even the easiest among every step of importation. Did you know that the last goods i bought for about 10$ i spent less than 1$ to ship them from China to Nigeria and i paid that shipping fee when i got my goods. Until you get the goods, you won’t pay any shipping fee. (awesome) Don’t worry i have all the solutions. keep reading.

Payment method:

You can buy, You have the money, You can ship, but if you cannot make payment then everything is useless. No online store sell on debt.

The greatest challenge mini importers are facing in Nigeria today is payment method. Not that you cannot pay but most of these online stores don’t accept Naira Cards. In that case you will need Dollar account and a dollar card to kick of.

But did you know that whatever i buy from China i do pay in Nigeria currency (everything is made easy) So you can make payment in naira without issues. I will tell you how.

How to Sell

Even when you’ve succeeded in bringing the goods from China to Nigeria, without a learned marketing skill you will still find it difficult selling those products. And you know what? Without selling them then mini importation isn’t completed. What’s the aim of doing business without getting your capital and interest.

Many people find it hard to sell their products and make profit even though that’s the easiest part. Technical know how is always a problem. I got you covered.

All of the above challenges and every other ones you might think of has been solved in a video course.

Profitable importation business in Nigeria [Videos]

  • These videos explain every single step to find the right product to sell and make profit at the right time.
  • The videos will show you where to buy at the cheapest price (not Alibaba, Not Aliexpress and others )
  • With these Videos you will Learn How to Make payment in Naira (woooo – all you need is get a Nigeria bank which will be given to you, Make your payment in Nigeria equivalent to the Chinese currency depending on what you want to buy) You don’t need to worry about making payment again.
  • The videos also explain every single step to ship your goods here very cheap and get them within (48hrs to 7days -they are here in Nigeria)
  • You will also learn the mistakes you must not do as mini importer . Infact it teaches A – Z every step about running a profitable importation business in Nigeria. and many more

After watching the whole videos you will become a master of mini importation business and forever you will earn from this business because it can never fade.


Hope you find the videos helpful? Don’t forget to share this article with others who are willing to learn and master profitable importation business in nigeria

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